About P. Shane Linden

I am a photographer located in Kansas City, Missouri, with a passion for portrait, wedding, and event photography.  I also have had the pleasure of participating in commercial photography projects for a number of local merchants, charitable groups, publications, and entertainers.  People often tell me that the most remarkable aspect of my photography is my cinematic use of lighting, which ranges from dramatic and high-impact to subtle and painterly.  However, even when working toward a high-intensity image, I encourage a fun, easygoing, but fully engaged atmosphere during my photoshoots.  Whether a portrait or a candid event photo, my ultimate goal is the same -- to produce an exceptional image that is inviting and compelling, and which also showcases and elevates the best aspects of my subject.  I know that I've hit my mark when my client says that seeing their photos makes them feel like a movie star or superhero. 


I first fell in love with photography as a young teenager in western Kansas. This was in the days before digital photography, so I learned the manual processes of exposure, developing film, and processing enlargements in the darkroom during those years. While I continued with photography in the years that followed, it became more of a personal, documentary art form, rather than something I shared with others.  After settling in the Kansas City area, I started to experiment with portrait photography and some event work, and and realized how fulfilling it can be.  In the meantime, film had transitioned to digital, laying open a much wider range of creativity that I could only dream of back in the days of film.

My Approach to Photography

My portrait work draws inspiration from many sources: cinema, stagecraft, and architecture, mixing those raw materials with a deep appreciation of formal composition.  My work and photographic style is influenced by photographers such as Annie Leibowitz, Joey L, and Clay Cook.  I am also always pushing myself in new directions with regard to lighting, photographic techniques, and editing/retouching skills, with the goal of providing my clients with truly exceptional images that are both technically and artistically refined.

During my portrait sessions, I encourage a relaxed atmosphere that allows the nuances of my client's personality to come forward.  This provides a space where we can experiment, play, and fully engage in the creative process.  For my portrait work, I typically use studio-grade lighting.  Even on location, I find that supplementing and building upon the available light helps take my photos to the next level of polish and sophistication.

My approach to portraiture also directly informs my wedding and event photography, particularly with regard to posed portraits and in capturing the special details (including the setting and decor) that set the mood and framework for the event. I find that photographing events also allows me to flex different creative muscles as well, allowing me to employ a more candid, photojournalistic style to capture the smaller stories that weave through an event.

Becoming a Client

Starting down the road to becoming a future client is easy.  Simply send me a message via my Facebook page, or drop me a note via this contact form.  I will be in touch with you soon!



Professional Photographers of America (PPA)


Publication Credits:

Q13 Fox TV (www.q14tv.com), June 26, 2015 (Article Photo)

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Commercial and Non-Profit Clients:

Wonderland, A to Z Theatrical Supply & ServiceRachael Harris Personal TrainingKansas City Zombie Walk For Hunger, KC Bear Mafia


Performers and Entertainment Clients:

Molly Hammer (singer), Hank E. Panky (burlesque entertainer)