Note:  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff, we are currently not booking portrait sessions or event engagements.  We are monitoring guidance from the CDC and other health authorities, and we hope to resume taking bookings in the late spring.  Our apologies for any inconvenience.  Thank you.


You will receive a series of portrait photos that not only captures your unique personality but celebrates it.  You will feel a renewed sense of confidence and excitement that springs from seeing yourself in dramatic, show-stopping images that present you and your interests at their best. A portrait session is a remarkable, gift to oneself or a loved one that can be cherished for years to come.





We live in a world filled with cameras, and it's easy to take a snapshot to share with friends and family.  A portrait session, though, is much more rewarding and memorable, and can be truly a remarkable gift to oneself or to a loved one.  While a portrait session involves an investment of time and resources, it is an investment that will provide pleasure to you for years to come.

My past clients have come to me for reasons as varied as they are.  Some have embarked on new stages of their careers or have reached a personal fitness goal that they wanted to commemorate. Some are performers or musicians looking to showcase their talents and art.  Others sought to celebrate their relationships with their spouses, fiancees, or significant others and to document and cherish their lives together.

Portrait sessions can take place either in studio or on location (such as a park, an urban location, or even your own home).  Clients can also opt to conduct their sessions at multiple locations, within the session time.  All portrait sessions provide the opportunity for multiple outfit changes.  All packages also include artistic and refined retouching and editing on all delivered images.

All clients receive:

  • Edited digital images as both full-resolution proofs with copies formatted for sharing on Facebook or other social media.
  • One year hosting of edited digital images on, with prints available for purchase.
  • A complimentary album posting on the P.S. Linden Photography Facebook page.
  • Advance consultation to assist you in planning for your portrait session.
  • All packages include editing and light retouching of all images selected for delivery.  More advanced retouching services are available upon request at additional charge.


Compare our package options:

Cinematic Portrait Session ($500)

Matinee Portrait Session ($250)

This package is a perfect gift for yourself or another, with more than adequate time to explore a number of locations and wardrobe options to showcase your personality and interests.  Regardless of whether your session is in the studio or on location, studio-grade lighting will be used in order to ensure that you receive the greatest variety of images and the most value for your investment. This package is suitable for those looking for a more streamlined portrait experience, while still providing an excellent range of images to enjoy.  Like the Cinematic Portrait sessions, Matinee Portrait sessions employ studio-grade lighting equipment, to lend a cinematic quality to your photographs.
Up to two (2) hours session time in studio or on location. Session can be held at multiple locations, but session time includes all travel time between locations. Up to sixty (60) minute session in studio or at one location.
Suitable for 4-6 outfit changes Suitable for 2-3 outfit changes
12 retouched and edited photos 6 retouched and edited photos


Couples and Families:

The base package prices for the Cinematic and Matinee Portrait packages listed above are for individuals or couples.  Due to the additional editing and retouching work required, family portrait sessions are priced at an additional $100/person plus the base package price.

Additional Services:

Hair/Makeup/Styling Services: Portrait packages do not include any hair or makeup services or supplied wardrobe or costume. If you would like the services, I would be happy to refer you to talented and highly skilled stylists and hair/makeup artists who can be retained to assist with your session, subject to their availability.  I also welcome collaborating with any hair, makeup, or styling artists you wish to employ for your shoot.

Additional Session Time: I am happy to accommodate requests for additional session time, at a rate of $250/hour.  Each additional hour includes 4 additional retouched images.

Advanced Retouching: Portrait packages include fashion-inspired retouching and artistic toning of all delivered images.  This includes removal of temporary blemishes, lightening wrinkles, refining skin tone, brightening eyes, enhancing features, and similar adjustments.  More advanced editing (such as compositing, background replacement, etc.) is available at a rate of $75/hour.

Additional Images:  Depending on availability, additional retouched images from your session may be available for additional purchase for $75/image. 

Additional image delivery options available for purchase include:

  • Archival quality prints
    • Matted/framed prints ($150+)
    • Metal/Canvas prints ($150+)
    • Small unframed prints (up to 8x10) ($3-$10 each)
  • Custom, flush-mount albums ($200+)



What sets you apart from other photographers?

Every photographer has their own style and approach to photography.  I am deeply influenced by cinema and try to bring the same sense of impact and drama to the traditions of portraiture, while allowing the unique personality of each of my clients to shine through in their photos. I also find inspiration from a number of other photographers, including Annie Leibovitz, Clay Cook, and Joey L.

In addition to my personal style in capturing each image, I also invest significant time further developing each image through my retouching and editing process. Through this process, I strive to make each image not just a photograph, but a true work of art that elevates the image above the everyday.

Unlike many photographers, I use studio-grade strobes on location, not just for studio or other indoor shoots, shaping the light similar to a cinematographer on a film set. I find that this approach gives me a much wider range of options and moods for my portraiture than merely relying upon natural and ambient light. Use of studio light sources on location also yields a much more consistent, polished final product.

Most of my clients have never had a formal portrait session outside of childhood family pictures or school photos, which are often dull (and even awkward) experiences.  In contrast, I cultivate an atmosphere with my clients that helps them relax and be an active, playful participant in the creative process.  For portrait sessions, I encourage my clients to explore their creative sides, both through choices of attire, props, and even costumes, and by choosing shooting locations rich with dramatic potential. I often hear back from my clients how much they enjoyed their time in front of the camera!


How do I book a portrait session?

To get the ball rolling, contact me -- the quickest way is via my Facebook page, as that will send me a notification on my phone.  You can also contact me by filling out this contact form.  Email (to info <at> PSLindenPhotography <dot> com) is also an option, though I have found email communications to be less reliable.  After we have connected, we can discuss scheduling of your session, answer any questions you might have about your photoshoot, and collaborate on a mood or theme for your shoot.  The full amount of your session package must be paid no later than the start of your session.


What options do I have for the location of my portrait session?

There are a wide array of options available to you for the location for your portrait session. My equipment and lighting gear is mobile, so I can easily accommodate a session on-location, whether at your favorite park in the city, a historic neighborhood, or anywhere else that fits your personality.  We can also conduct your session in or around your own home, if you would prefer a more familiar, private setting.  If the location is within twenty miles of downtown Kansas City, there is no additional charge for travel time or mileage.  For more traditional portraiture or to ensure privacy, I can set up a studio space at my residence suitable for portraits of individuals or couples.

What is the difference between a portrait session and a headshot session?

The photographs from a headshot session will emphasize the face, ranging from a tight framing of the head to images that also include the upper body.  The image to the left is an sample from a recent headshot session.  In contrast, a portrait session will include both headshot images as well as full-body images. Most of the other images on this page are examples of portrait images.  Images from a portrait session will typically include more of the environment and surroundings, providing additional context for your photographs.

How far in advance do I need to book my shoot?

Due to existing bookings and other obligations, my schedule is generally committed 3-4 weeks in advance, and I normally cannot accommodate a session in an earlier timeframe. The edited I mages are typically delivered 3-4 weeks after the session. Therefore, if you need images by a specific date, I recommend contacting me to book your shoot at least 60 days in advance of your deadline.


What should I wear?

Most of my clients bring a variety of outfit options to their portrait session, ranging from the very casual to dressed-up and formal attire.  You may want to review this brochure with additional recommendations.  I have also had clients bring their favorite renaissance clothing, steampunk attire, or cosplay gear to wear during part of their session.  You're the star of your photoshoot - feel free to explore any role you wish!


Will you travel outside of the Kansas City area?

I am quite happy to travel to for portrait sessions outside of the greater Kansas City area.  However, we will need to discuss the additional costs involved (based upon the travel time required, mileage/travel costs, or some combination thereof).  I always make every effort to select the most economical options to help keep travel-related costs as low as possible.  I also travel to St. Louis and other cities from time to time, and it may be possible to coordinate a session in conjunction with that travel.


When does my purchased session time begin to run?

Your session time begins to run at the time we schedule the session to start.  If you are late for your session, that counts against your session time.  Your session time includes travel time that might be required to travel between venues if you wish photos taken at multiple locations.  It is important that you book sufficient coverage time for your session, as additional session time may not be available for purchase on the day of the event.  Additional session time is typically charged at 150% of the base hourly rate for your selected package (billed to the nearest quarter-hour), and must be paid before you will receive your images.


How will I receive the photos from my session?

My typical means of delivering photos is via DVD-ROM disc.  You will receive the selected images from your session in two formats: (1) watermarked images sized for sharing via social media or other online use and (2) a full-resolution, non-watermarked copy suitable for printing.  Absent unusual circumstances, you will receive your images within 3-4 weeks after your portrait session.

Will I receive every photo you take?

No. While I strive for a perfect capture with every photograph taken, people blink, sneeze, change expression, or even yawn when you least expect it.  Often, I may take multiple photos of a particular pose with different framing/composition, so that I can select the most compelling image from those options.  After your session, I will review the images taken, selecting the very best photos from your session and culling out any photos that are unflattering or which are overly duplicative.  I will then edit, process and retouch the selected images. The end result will provide you with a curated set of portraits that show the best moments from your session.

Who owns the copyright to the photos?

I retain the copyright to all photos I take.  I will provide you with a license to use the photos you receive for personal, non-commercial purposes. You will also receive a print release allowing you to obtain prints of the photographs you receive  If you require photos for commercial use (including promotional or advertising purposes), I would be happy to discuss licensing of the images for such purposes.

Can I purchase prints from you?

Certainly! While you will receive full-resolution copies of the images from your session that you can print yourself, I am affiliated with a professional photo lab in order to make high-quality prints available to clients, including heirloom quality framed images.  If you are interested in receiving your images in a custom photo album, I would be happy to discuss that with you, as well!


Become a Client

Thank you for visiting.  To start the process of booking a portrait session, the quickest way is to send me a message via my Facebook page.  Alternatively, you can complete and submit the following information, but it may take me a little longer for me to collect and process that information before I can get back to you.  I look forward to speaking to you soon!