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The Basics:

Q: How would you describe your style of photography coverage?

A: My favored mode of event coverage is best described as photojournalistic or documentary, capturing the candid events of the day without interfering with how those events unfold.  However, I also set aside time for formal posed portraits during my event coverage.  For the formal portraits, I prefer a somewhat casual and natural approach to posing.  If the schedule of your day permits, I also like to arrange for a number of more cinematic compositions with the goal of yielding a work of art that you will want to display in your home.

I use both natural light and flash in my photography.  The decision to use one or the other (or both) will depend on the lighting conditions present, the mood of the event, and any special requirements or limitations imposed by the location or venue.

Q: What style of images should I expect?

A: My online portfolio ( provides the best representation of my work.  In processing event photos, I strive for a rich, distinctive look, with the goal of providing classic, timeless images for you to enjoy for years to come.  Unless you request otherwise, you will receive a mix of full-color and black and white images from your day.

I prefer to avoid providing photos with overly-trendy processing styles that might be in vogue at any particular moment.  However, if you want your pictures delivered with a particular look to them, I will be pleased to accommodate that request to the best of my ability.


Q: Can I have a picture like this one I found on Pinterest/Facebook/etc.?


A: Pinterest and other websites are great places to look for inspiration, and I’m always to look at any photos that help me understand the particular mood and environment a couple hopes to create at their wedding and in their photos.  Keep in mind, though, that each image is the product of the lighting and environment in which it was taken, and those may not be similar at your event.  Plus, the time we spend trying to copy a particular image is time we will not have to capture something unique to your wedding.


Q: Can you guarantee that you will get a photo of ____?


A: I will work within the best of my ability and the circumstances of your event to capture any “must have” shots we discuss before the wedding.  However, circumstances outside of my control may make it impossible to get one or more of those shots, especially if events are running behind schedule.


Services & Booking


Q: Will you be the photographer at our event?

A: Yes, I will personally shoot and edit/process your photos.  I will not retain another photographer for your event, unless you specifically request and purchase the second photographer option for your selected package.

Q: Do you use an assistant?

A: I generally do not work with an assistant or second shooter, unless you purchase the second photographer option for your package.  On some occasions, however, I may elect to bring an assistant. If I bring an assistant and you have not purchased the second photographer option, there will be no additional charge to you.

Q: Should I purchase the second photographer option?

A: A second photographer is not required, and I normally do not work with another photographer.  However, I make this option available for those who wish to have additional depth in coverage that is not possible with a single photographer.  I make every effort to capture all the special moments and details of your day, regardless of whether I am working solo or with a second shooter.  That said,  I cannot be everywhere at once, and my attention will generally be directed toward the principal events occurring at each moment of the day.  Purchasing the “second photographer” option provides a second pair of eyes and another camera to catch candid moments and details.

Q: Do you offer videography?

A: I do not offer videography at the present time.  However, I would be happy to recommend videographers or work with any videographer you should choose to hire.

Q: Do you photograph events outside of the Kansas City area?

A: I am happy to travel to events outside of the greater Kansas City area, if my schedule permits.  I will travel up to 50 miles from downtown Kansas City, Missouri, without charge.  If your event is more distant, we can discuss anticipated travel costs.

Q: How do we reserve our wedding date with you?

A: I cannot reserve your date until I receive your signed contract and payment of your non-refundable advance booking fee (50% of your package price).  Once I receive those items, I will exclusively reserve that date for you and decline any conflicting events.

Q: If we need to cancel or reschedule our event, can we get a refund on the booking fee?

A: Because the booking fee and contract reserve your event date, I am required to turn away other clients desiring that date.  I unfortunately cannot refund the booking fee, for that reason.  However, if the event is being rescheduled to a date within four (4) months from the original date, I will credit the full amount of the booking fee to the new date, provided that I am available on the new date.

Q: When is the balance of our payment due?

A: Payment of the remaining package cost must be received no later than the day of the event.  If full payment is not made on or prior to the day of the event or if your payment does not clear, I will not begin post-event work on the photos until payment is received, which will, in turn, delay when you will receive those images.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, money order, and check.  If you wish to pay via credit card, arrangements can be made via Paypal, though an additional service fee will be charged.


Planning The Day

Q: How do I know the length of coverage I will need?

A: The amount of coverage you will need will depend on the what events of the day you want photographed, the planned timeline of your day, the number of locations involved, and the time needed to travel between them.  Some couples want photographs through their entire day, from getting dressed and other preparations, through the reception.  Others just want photos of the ceremony and a few posed, formal portraits before or afterwards.


Q: When does our coverage begin and end?

A: Your coverage begins as soon as I arrive at the first location you have designated for your event.  Once coverage begins, it runs continuously until the purchased coverage period ends.  That includes any time spent traveling between locations.  If you need more time than is included in your package, additional coverage should be purchased at the time of booking, as I cannot guarantee that additional coverage will be available if not booked in advance.

If we need to extend the coverage by an extra ten minutes or so on the day of the event, there will be no extra charge.  However, beyond that point, you will need to purchase additional coverage.  If additional coverage is requested and purchased on the day of the event, the rate charged for that additional coverage will be 125% of the base package rate for additional coverage, which will be charged by the quarter-hour.

Q: At what stage should we consult in planning the timeline for our day?

A: Ideally, you should involve the photographer from the earliest stages of planning the schedule for your wedding.  Without careful advance planning, it is very easy for the schedule of the day to run behind, which may require compromising on one portion or another of your scheduled coverage. By involving your photographer in developing the schedule for the day helps ensure that you have sufficient time allotted to include formal portraits with your family and wedding party without intruding on the time allotted for the ceremony and/or reception.

Q: When should we plan to do the formal portraits?

A: If you are planning on a “first look” (see next question), we can do the formal portraits before the ceremony.  This would provide you and your wedding party time to enjoy some or all of the cocktails before your reception.  However, shooting after the ceremony may yield better light for the formal photos as well as preserving the drama and emotional impact of seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony.  In terms of planning how much time to set aside for formal photos, it will depend on how many different groupings you will want to photograph.  Generally, it takes about five minutes to pose and photograph each grouping.

Q: What is a “first look?”

A: A “first look” is a private moment between you and your soon-to-be spouse before the ceremony.  This provides the two of you the opportunity to enjoy each other’s excitement and emotions in a quiet and relaxed environment, away from the crowd.  It also provides the option of taking the formal group photos prior to the ceremony, freeing up time after the ceremony for other activities.  Some couples, however, prefer not to see each other until the ceremony. Both options have their advantages, and the decision whether or not to have a “first look” is entirely your decision.

Q: Do we need to provide a meal for you at the reception?

A: No, you are not required to provide a meal for me. The thoughtfulness is appreciated, but I can be a picky eater at times.  I usually travel with snacks to keep me adequately fueled during the day. However, if you wish to provide me a meal during your reception, we can discuss that further in our planning meeting.

Prints and Digital Images:

Q: Are prints available for purchase?

A: Certainly!  We offer prints in a variety of sizes, from smaller formats (4x6 and 5x7) up to 20x30 poster-size prints.  Prints larger than 8x10 are generally offered only as framed, canvas, or metal prints, however.


Q: I want an album — who decides what images are included?


A: A wedding album is a true keepsake and a very meaningful investment.  Once your images have been delivered, I will invite you to select your favorite images that you would like to be included in the album.  I will make additional image selections for the balance of your album, with the goal of providing a compelling story of your day.


Q: What type of digital images do I get with my wedding package?


A: Two formats of digital images are provided as part of my wedding packages, web-resolution photos and full resolution digital images.  The web-resolution photos are watermarked with my logo and are suitable for sharing online (such as on Facebook and other websites), but are not suited for printing.  The full-resolution images are provided so that you have the option of obtaining prints at any time.

Q: Since I will be receiving the full-resolution photos, is there any advantage of ordering prints through you?

A: All print orders placed through me will be printed by a professional photo lab that caters to professional photographers.  My editing and processing workflow is intended to ensure accuracy of colors, and my computer systems are color-calibrated to match that lab's equipment. All these factors help ensure that the prints you receive are of the highest quality.  I cannot guarantee the quality of prints you may make at home or receive from other vendors.

Q: Can I purchase your original RAW image files?

A: No.  My editing and retouching is part of the process in creating the finished images, and it is integral to that final product.  I do not make unedited photos available for purchase.

Q: Will I receive every photo you take?

A: No. While I would love it if every image taken during a wedding was perfect, people are unpredictable.  They blink, change expression, or yawn when you least expect it.  Sometimes, I may take multiple photos of a particular point in time, so that I can select from multiple compositions of the image.  After your event, I will review the images taken and cull any photos that are unflattering or which are duplicative of other photos.  The goal is to provide you with a curated set of photos that show the best moments from your special day.

Q: Will you edit/process each of the photos I receive?

A: Yes.  While some photographers will merely take the photos off their camera and burn them to disk to give to you, I give special attention to each image that I will deliver to you, processing them to ensure that brightness, color balance, and clarity are at their best.  I will also generally do some minor retouching on images where needed, especially with regard to the posed formals.  If you desire extensive retouching, compositing, or other custom edits, that will be at an additional hourly charge, based on the time required to perform that work.

Q: When will I receive my photos?

A: The amount of time needed to edit and process your photos will depend on the amount of coverage purchased (more coverage means more photos, and more time to process them).  Photos from a Silver package wedding can typically be delivered within 2-3 weeks, and a Platinum package wedding may take up to 4-6 weeks.  Engagement photos are typically delivered within 2 weeks from the session.

Q: Who owns the copyright to the photos?

A: I retain the copyright to all photos I take.  I will provide you with a license to use the photos you receive for personal, non-commercial purposes, together with a print release so that you can obtain prints for your personal use.