What should I wear to my photoshoot?

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First and foremost, I want you to be comfortable.  During our session, I want you to relax and have a good time. I want the “real you” to shine though, regardless of whether you want to dress in casual wear or in something more formal. If you feel stiff and awkward in your clothes, that will come across in your bearing.  Wear items that fit well and which are in good condition, and which express your personality.

It’s best to come prepared with a variety of looks.  For a standard 2-hour session, I encourage bringing 4-5 outfit options.  If you’re coming for a shorter, one-hour session, bring 3 outfit options.

Simplicity is always good. Thus, I typically recommend wearing solid-color garments, but larger-scale prints, patterns, and highly textured garments can also photograph very well.  Keep in mind that busy patterns and loud colors can be distracting., though  I want the focus to be on you, rather than what you are wearing.

If you have items that can be layered, even better.  Depending on the season, a good looking jacket or other outerwear can be appropriate, too.

Don’t forget to consider what footwear would be appropriate for each outfit, too. We are likely to do some full-length shots, so it’s a good idea to coordinate your footwear, as well.

Couples, families and other groups:

Planning outfits for couples, families and other groups introduces the challenge of coordinating each person’s clothing.  You don’t need to match -- it’s good to have some variation.  One option would be to pick collections of related colors.

I also recommend avoiding big contrasts in bright/dark shades, -- one person shouldn’t wear a black shirt and the other a bright white.  Those kinds of contrasts can be distracting and can be difficult to photograph in a pleasing manner.

What else should I bring?

Bringing along some well-chosen accessories is a smart way of giving us some additional options for your photoshoot. For example, a favorite hat or an object that expresses your personality can be fun to include in your photos.  Other options would be musical instruments, sports gear, or anything else that reflects your interests.