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What sets you apart from other photographers?

Every photographer has their own style and approach to photography.  I am deeply influenced by the cinema and try to bring the same sense of impact and drama to the traditions of portraiture, while allowing the unique personality of each of my clients to shine through in their photos.

Most of my clients have never had a formal portrait session outside of childhood family pictures or school photos, which are often dull, sometimes awkward experiences.  In contrast, I cultivate an atmosphere with my clients that helps them relax and be an active, playful participant in the creative process.  I often hear back from my clients how much fun it was to be themselves in front of the camera!


How do I book a portrait session?

To get the ball rolling, contact me -- the quickest way is via my Facebook page, as that will send me a notification on my phone.  You can also contact me by filling out this contact form.  Email (to pslinden <at> me <dot> com) is also an option.  At that point, we can discuss initial scheduling of your session and the pre-shoot preparation call. After our initial contact, I will send you a contract to sign and return. Once I receive the signed contract, I will reserve your portrait session.  The full amount of your session package must be paid no later than the start of your session.


What options do I have for the location of my portrait session?

There are a wide array of options available to you for the location for your portrait session. My equipment and lighting gear is mobile, so I can easily accommodate a session on-location, whether at your favorite park in the city, a historic neighborhood, or anywhere else that fits your personality.  We can also conduct your session in or around your own home, if you would prefer a more familiar, private setting.  If the location is within twenty miles of downtown Kansas City, there is no additional charge for travel time or mileage.  For more traditional portraiture, I can set up a studio space at my residence suitable for portraits of individuals or couples.


What should I wear?

Most of my clients bring a variety of outfit options to their portrait session, ranging from the very casual to dressed-up and formal attire.  You may want to review this brochure with additional recommendations.  I have also had clients bring their favorite renaissance clothing, steampunk attire, or cosplay gear to wear during part of their session.  You're the star of your photoshoot - feel free to explore any role you wish!


Will you travel outside of the Kansas City area?

I am quite happy to travel to for portrait sessions outside of the greater Kansas City area.  However, we will need to discuss the additional costs involved (based upon the travel time required, mileage/travel costs, or some combination thereof).  I always make every effort to select the most economical options to help keep travel-related costs as low as possible.  I also travel to St. Louis and other cities from time to time, and it may be possible to coordinate a session in conjunction with that travel.


When does my purchased session time begin to run?

Your session time begins to run at the time we schedule the session to start.  If you are late for your session, that counts against your session time.  Your session time includes travel time that might be required to travel between venues if you wish photos taken at multiple locations.  It is important that you book sufficient coverage time for your session, as additional session time may not be available for purchase on the day of the event.  Additional session time is typically charged at 150% of the base hourly rate for your selected package (billed to the nearest quarter-hour), and must be paid before you will receive your images.


How will I receive the photos from my session?

My typical means of delivering photos is via DVD-ROM disc.  You will receive the selected images from your session in two formats: (1) a format sized for sharing via social media or other online use and (2) a full-resolution copy suitable for printing.  Absent unusual circumstances, you will receive your images within 2 weeks after your portrait session.

Will I receive every photo you take?

No. While I strive for a perfect capture with every photograph taken during an event, people are unpredictable.  They blink, change expression, or yawn when you least expect it.  Sometimes, I may take multiple photos of a particular pose, so that I can select from multiple compositions of the image.  After your session, I will review the images taken and cull out any photos that are unflattering or which are overly duplicative of other photos.  I will then edit, process and perform light retouching on those the remaining selected images. The end result will provide you with a curated set of images that show the best photos from your portrait session.

Who owns the copyright to the photos?

I retain the copyright to all photos I take.  I will provide you with a license to use the photos you receive for personal, non-commercial purposes. You will also receive a print release allowing you to obtain prints of the photogr

aphs you receive  If you require photos for commercial use (including promotional or advertising purposes), I would be happy to discuss licensing of the images for such purposes.

Can I purchase prints from you?

Certainly! While you will receive full-resolution copies of the images from your session that you can print yourself, I am affiliated with a professional photo lab in order to make prints available to clients who want high quality, heirloom prints of their favorite images.  If you are interested in receiving your images in a custom photo album, I would be happy to discuss that with you, as well!